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Laser Ops Mobile Gaming Tampa St. Petersburg soccer party inflatable

pump some air into your party!
tampa’s best mobile entertainment

When it comes to party entertainment, Laser Ops Mobile Gaming has the options that will make your event a smashing success.  Years of experience with our brick-and-mortar entertainment center Laser Ops of Tampa has given us the tools to craft the ultimate party experience.  Now that we bring the party on the road and right to you, we selected inflatable party options that take your event to the next level!

Our Inflatable Obstacle Course (available after March 1, 2024) will challenge your guests while they climb, slide, bounce and navigate mazes.  What better way to get the blood flowing and the adrenaline pumping than an Inflatable Obstacle Course?! Squeeze through tunnels, jump over barriers, slip underneath bars, and push your way past any obstacle that comes your way while trying to move as fast as possible! Our 75 foot Rocky Tsunami Slip & Slide Obstacle Course  is a great option for any event that wants to get people moving and having lots of competitive fun. The obstacle course is available as part of a “combo package” with our amazing video game truck.  See our combo package page here.

Our Inflatable “Soccer Darts” target is awesome head-to-head challenge fun!  Players kick velcro-covered soccer balls at a huge inflatable “dart board” target.  The balls stick securely so scores can be tallied.  Kick, score, WIN!  The inflatable soccer darts target can be added to all our packages except foam parties for just $99 additional.  (The option to add soccer darts target will appear during the booking process.)

NOTE: Both of these options require electrical connection within 100 feet of setup location to power our inflation fan.  A small generator will also work well in locations without power.

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